October 11, 2016

Sunday Coupon Preview 10/16/16

Smart Source 10/16

Benefiber $2/1 product (10/29)
Bertolli $1/2 15oz or 24oz sauces (11/13)
Betty Crocker $1/1 decorating item (11/1)
Bush’s $1/2 chili beans excluding baked beans, grillin’ beans, cocina latina, variety beans, hummus made easy and chili magic (11/27)
Cake Mate $1/1 decorating item (11/1)
Colgate $.50/1 kids toothbrush (11/5)
Colgate $.50/1 kids toothpaste 4.6oz+ (10/29)
Colgate $.50/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 236ml+ (11/12)
Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz+ (10/29)
Colgate $2/1 360 twin pack or multipack manual toothbrushes excluding free product packs (10/22)
Colgate $2/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 480ml+ (11/12)
Colgate $2/1 twin-pack or multipack 4oz+ (10/29)
Covergirl $1/1 brow or eyeliner product ets (10/29)
Covergirl $1/1 eyeliner or brow item (11/16) TARGET COUPON
Covergirl $1/1 lashblast mascara (11/16) TARGET COUPON
Covergirl $2/1 lashblast mascara ets (10/29)
Don Francisco’s Coffee $1.50/1 10oz or 12oz family reserve bag or 12ct or 18ct family reserve single serve box (11/27)
Don Francisco’s Coffee $1/1 can (11/27)
Excedrin $2/1 20ct+ (10/30)
Excedrin $3/1 200ct+ (12/3)
Ex-Lax/Perdiem $1.50/1 product (10/29)
Fisherman’s Friend $1/2 products (1/22)
Gas-X $1.50/1 18ct+ (10/29)
Hershey’s $1.50/3 reese’s, kit kat, hershey’s, almond joy, york, mounds, payday, take 5, milk duds or whoppers snack size or assortment bags 9oz+ (10/31)
Huggies $2/1 little movers or overnites diapers 10ct+ (10/29)
Huggies $2/1 wipes 56ct+ and 1 little snugglers diapers 10ct+ (10/29)
Huggies $4/2 diapers 10ct+ (10/29)
Irish Spring $1/1 body wash excludes 2.5oz (11/5)
Jolly Rancher/Twizzler $1.50/3 assortments 9oz+ (10/31)
Kotex U $1/1 liners excluding 14-22ct and trial (11/26)
Kotex U $1/1 pads ets (11/26)
Kotex U $1/1 tampons ets (11/26)
Nature’s Way $2/1 alive! Multi-vitamin product (12/31)
Nature’s Way $4/1 primadophilus fortify probiotic (12/31)
Oroweat $.55/1 bread product dnd (1/30)
Oroweat $.55/1 sandwich thins rolls dnd (1/31)
Pantene $4/2 product excludes 6.7oz (10/29)
Prevacid 24HR $3/1 product (10/29)
Purina Beyond $1/1 6ct ground entrees variety pack (1/31)
Purina Beyond $2/1 3lb+ dry dog food (1/31)
Purina Beyond $2/1 dry cat food bag (1/31)
Purina Beyond $3/1 12ct wet cat food case (1/31)
Purina Beyond $3/1 13lb+ dry dog food (1/31)
Purina Beyond B1G1 free natural puree meal enhancement for dogs up to $1.99 (1/31)
Purina Beyond B3G1 free wet cat food can up to $1.10 (1/31)
Purina Beyond B5G1 free wet dog food can up to $1.99 (1/31)
Red Baron $1/2 pizzas 7.2oz+ dnd (12/3)
Schick $2/1 hydro razor or refill excludes disposables and women’s razor or refill (11/6)
Schick $2/1 quattro for women, intuition or hydro silk razor excludes disposables and men’s razor (11/6)
Schick $2/1 quattro or titanium razor or refill excludes disposables and women’s razor or refill (11/6)
Schick $3/1 disposable razor pack excludes 2ct (11/6)
Schick Hydro/Edge/Skintimate $1/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz (11/6)
Scotch-Brite $2/2 scrubbing dish cloths (11/30)
Scrubbing Bubbles $.50/1 all purpose cleaner with fantastik (12/16)
Scrubbing Bubbles $.50/1 disinfectant bathroom cleaner product (12/16)
Scrubbing Bubbles $1/1 toilet cleaning product (12/16)
Sunsweet $1/1 pacific tropicals product dnd (12/31)
Sunsweet $1/1 plumsmart light or amaz!n prune light (1/31)
Tiny Toast $.75/1 cereal box (11/26)

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