September 28, 2016

Family Dollar Coupon Deals 9/29/16 - 10/8/16

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Home & Clothing

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Assorted Children's Halloween Costumes, Mask, Wigs or Hats $5

Assorted Licensed Children's Costumes $10

Assorted Halloween Decorations $5

Peanut Butter Kisses, Scary Eyeball gum or Candy Corn 6.5-8oz $1

Lemonhead Mix 8.75oz, Tummy Treats Fruit Chews 28oz, Skittles Fun Size 10.72oz or Now and Later Mix 12oz $3

Hershey's, Nestle or Mars Fun Size Candy Bags 10.5-11.5oz $3.50

Fun Mix 48oz, Mars Mix 17.9oz or Reese's Kit Kat Mix 12oz $9/2
Must buy two to receive discount.

Harvest Decor for your Home $1, $3 and $5


Luvs Jumbo Pack Diapers sizes 1-6, 21-48ct $6.95
$2/1 Luvs Diapers [ETS] P&G 9/25/16 (exp 10/8/16)
$2/1 Luvs Diapers [ETS] printable
Final Price: $4.95

Huggies Jumbo Pull-Ups sizes 2t-5t, 18-25ct $9


Caress Body Wash 13.5-18oz or TRESsemme Styling Aids 9-10.5oz or Shampoo or Conditioner 28oz $4
$1/1 Caress Beauty Bar 6ct+ or Body Wash 12oz+ RP 9/25/16 (exp 10/9/16)
$3/2 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner Products [ETS] SavingStar Deposit
$1/1 TRESemme Styling Product [ETS] SavingStar Deposit
$1/1 TRESemme Styling Product [ETS] RP 9/25/16 (exp 10/23/16)
Final Price: $1.50 each wyb 2

Colgate toothpaste 2.5oz or Extra Clean Toothbrush 1ct $0.88
$1/1 Colgate Optic White, Enamel Health, Max Fresh or Sensitive 3oz+ SS 10/02/16 (exp 10/15/16)

Crest toothpaste 3.5-5.1oz or Oral-B Toothbrush 1ct $3.50
$0.50/1 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste 3.5oz+ printable
$0.50/1 Crest 3D White toothpaste 3.5oz+ printable
$0.50/1 Crest Complete toothpaste 4oz+ printable

Old Spice Deodorant 2.6-3oz or Body Spray 3.75oz $3.50
$1/2 Old Spice Anti-perspirant/Deodorant, Body Wash or Bar Soap product [ETS] P&G 9/25/16 (exp 10/8/16)
$1/1 Old Spice product printable

Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 Shampoo 13.5oz $10/2

Irish Spring Soap 6 bars $3
$0.50/1 Irish Spring multi-bar soap packs 6ct+ SS 9/18/16 (exp 10/8/16)

Vaseline Lotion or Petroleum Jelly 7.5-10oz $3

Dial Liquid Hand Soap 7.5oz $1.25
$1/2 Dial Complete or Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash, Dial Liquid Hand Soap refills [7.5oz+ Complete or Kids Foaming hand wash] and more via Upromise Deposit


Xtra liquid 175oz $5

Angel Soft bath tissue 12 rolls $4.50
$0.45/1 Angel Soft bathroom tissue RP 9/11/16 (exp 10/11/16)
$0.45/1 Angel Soft bathroom tissue product printable

Tide liquid 37-40oz, Bounce sheets 105ct, Tide pods or Gain flings 12-16ct $4.50
$2/1 Tide Pods 23ct+ [ETS] printable
$0.50/1 Tide Detergent 37oz [excludes Tide Simply, Tide Pods, 10oz and ETS] printable

Tide Simply liquid 37-40oz $3.50

Gain liquid $9.95
$0.50/1 Gain laundry detergent liquid 25oz+ or powder 15+ load [excludes Gain Fireworks and ETS] printable
Downy liquid 41-51oz, Downy unstopables or Gain fireworks 9.7oz $4.50

Clorox bleach 116-121oz $3.75
$1.50/2 Clorox Clean-Up, Disinfecting Wipes, Liquid Bleach, Toilet Bowl cleaner SS 10/02/16 (exp 11/2/16)

Scott 1100 sheets bath tissue 8 rolls, bonus pack or choose-a-sheet paper towels 6 mega rolls $6
$1/1 Scott Bath Tissue 8ct+ printable

Charmin Essentials Soft 12ct, Bonus pack or Strong bath tissue giant rolls 9ct $4.95
$0.25/1 Charmin Basic or Essentials Soft or Strong 4ct+ [ETS] printable
$0.25/1 Charmin Ultra Soft or Strong 4ct+ [excludes Essentials Soft or Strong and ETS] printable
$0.50/1 Bounty or Charmin Basic or Charmin Essentials [excludes single roll and ETS] P&G 9/25/16 (exp 10/22/16)

All liquid 54-58oz or Mighty pacs or Power core pacs 18-24ct $4
$0.50/1 All Product [ETS] printable
$1/1 All Product [ETS] RP 9/11/16 (exp 10/23/16)

Arm & Hammer liquid 131.25-160.5oz $8

Glade aerosol 8oz or solid 6oz $1

Febreze air effects 9.7oz or Car vent clip 1ct $3
$0.50/1 Febreze Product [excludes Unstopables and ETS] P&G 9/25/16 (exp 10/22/16)

O-Cedar Angle broom with dustpan or cotton deck mop $6.50

Sylvania Xtra Life Soft White Bulb 38watt, 4pk $1.75

Sylvania LED Soft White Bulb 8.5watt, 1ct $2.50

Sylvania Halogen Light Bulbs 43-72watt, 4pk $5
$1/1 Sylvania CFL or Halogen SuperSaver Product printable

Purex liquid bonus size 128-165oz $6.95
$1/1 Purex liquid detergent 128oz+ via Upromise Deposit
$1/1 Purex liquid detergent 128oz+ RP 10/02/16 (exp 10/12/16)
$3/2 Purex liquid detergent 128oz+ printable sent by email
$1/1 Purex liquid detergent 128oz+ printable

Glad trash bags 13-gallon 23ct $5.50

Bounty 12 rolls or Charmin Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft 8 mega rolls $9.95
$0.25/1 Bounty paper towels [excludes basic and ETS] printable
$0.50/1 Bounty or Charmin Basic or Charmin Essentials [excludes single roll and ETS] P&G 9/25/16 (exp 10/22/16)
$1/1 Bounty Product 6ct+ [ETS] P&G 9/25/16 (exp 10/22/16)

Angel Soft bath tissue 20 double rolls $9.95

Ajax or Palmolive dish liquid 28oz, 3pk $5
$1/2 Palmolive dish liquid 22oz+ SS 9/18/16 (exp 10/8/16)
$0.50/1 Palmolive dish liquid 22oz+ SS 9/18/16 (exp 10/8/16)

Dawn dish liquid 34.2oz $4
$0.25/1 Dawn Product [ETS] P&G 9/25/16 (exp 10/22/16)

Lysol disinfectant spray 19oz $5.17
$0.50/1 Lysol disinfectant spray or Max Cover mist SS 10/2/16 (exp 11/15/16)
$0.50/2 Lysol Products printable

Mr Clean magic eraser 2ct, Dilutable cleaner 40oz or Scotch-Brite sponge 2-3ct $2.75
$0.50/1 Mr Clean Magic Eraser [ETS] printable
$1.50/2 Mr Clean Products [ETS] printable


Coca-Cola 2-liter products $5/4
must buy four for discount, limit 4

Folgers Coffee 24.4-30.5oz or K-Cups 12pk $6.95

Progresso soup 18.5-19oz $1.50
$1/4 Progresso Canned Soups via Upromise Deposit
$1/4 Progresso Canned Soups SavingStar Deposit
$1/4 Progresso Canned Soups printable
$1/4 Progresso Canned Soups printable

Nissin Top Ramen 3oz, 6ct Bonus pack [1 pack FREE] $1
$1/2 Top Ramen 6ct or 12ct SS 9/11/16 (exp 10/9/16)

Lance Crackers or Cookies 5-6ct $1
$1/2 Lance Cracker Sandwiches 6ct+ printable

General Mills Family Size cereal 20.25-22.9oz $7/2
must buy 2 to receive discount
$1/2 General Mills Big G Cereals: Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex or Lucky Charms printable
$1/3 General Mills Big G Cereals SS 9/25/16 (exp 11/5/16)
$1/3 General Mills Big G Cereals SS 8/28/16 (exp 10/8/16)
$0.50/1 Lucky Charms cereal printable
$0.50/1 Lucky Charms cereal printable
$1/2 General Mills Big G Cereals: Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex or Lucky Charms printable

Cheez-It 7oz $1.75
$1/1 Sunshine Cheez-It [need 850 rewards points] printable

Cinnabon Gooey Bites 5.5oz $1.50

Edwards Pie Slice 2.65-3.2oz $1

Tony's pizza 20.56oz $3

Cheetos Bag of Bones 8oz $3

Keebler cookies 8-12.9oz $2.50
$1/1 Keebler Cookies [need 850 rewards points] printable

Hawaiian Punch 1-gallon $2.25

Klondike or Good Humor Multipack 4-12ct $3

Barilla Pasta 16oz $1.27
$0.55/2 Barilla Blue Box Pasta products RP 8/14/16 (exp 10/9/16)

Lay's 9.5-10.25oz $5/2
must by 2 to receive discount, limit 6

Kool-Aid Jammers 6oz, 10pk $2

Pepsi Products 12 can pack $10/3


Alpo canned dog food 13-13.2oz $0.75
$1.50/12 Alpo wet dog food 13oz+ printable

Select pet treats (snausages pictured) 2.1-5.2oz $1

Alpo prime cuts or Come & Get It! dog food 14-lbs $7.95

Iams or Purina One dry dog food 3-3.3-lbs $5

Purina, Pedigree or Kibbles 'n Bits dog food 30-32-lbs $18

Scoop Away or Fresh Step cat litter 20-25-lbs $10

9 Lives cat food 12-lbs $8

9 Lives canned cat food $0.99/3

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