July 17, 2016

mPerks Card Information!

In certain store's around Michigan, see below for the list, Meijer is testing out the "mPerks card". New to mPerks? Sign up here!
The local store I shop at is participating in this and I was lucky enough to talk to the shift supervisor about it.

There are 2 wallet size cards and 2 key fobs, with the same number and a bar code on each card. This way you can have it attached to your keys, or in your wallet, which ever your prefer!

The mPerks card is primarily targeting customers who do not have an mPerks account. If a customer does not have an account and there is an in store sale, say 5%/10%/15% 2 day sale, then this give's the customer the extra saving's if they agree!
The new customer would then have to go online to create a new mPerks account, to get all the benefit's of a mPerks user.

What does this mean for existing mPerks customers? Well you can grab a card for each of the accounts you have. You will have to go online and add each card to a different account. It mean's you can swipe the card at checkout instead of having to enter in a phone number and pin number (less to remember!).
Just remember, if you have more than one account, to label each one! It also mean's you can give a card to your spouse, kids, parent, etc. I feel they are more likely to swipe a card then try and remember to enter in a phone number and pin number!

I asked the supervisor, if this was a way to reduce the number of accounts a person may have. They replied "No, this is a way to make the in store specials and mPerks coupons easier to use at checkout and to keep track of all the benefits of mPerks".

I picked up a card to register to my account, I know it will eliminate about 20 seconds of me miss typing my phone number/pin! lol

Are you excited to try this? Do u feel having an extra card/fob is too much? What are you'r thought's and feelings?

Thank you to Joy J Gordon for the pictures.



Patrick Amrine

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Bindi Shah

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