May 6, 2016

Meijer FREE mPerks Offers Starting SOON!

Starting sometime next week around 30% of customers will receive an offer for a free item. The item will vary by customer, below is a list of possible items:

Possible free item with any $5 purchase

  • FREE Coffeemate refrigerated coffee creamer, 16-32oz.
  • FREE Meijer Cottage Cheese, 16-24oz.
  • FREE Meijer Grade A large eggs.
  • FREE Meijer Sour Cream, 16oz or less.
  • FREE Bush Baked Beans, 16oz.
  • FREE Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, 7.25oz.
  • FREE Kellogg's Pop Tarts, 6 or 8 count.
  • FREE Nature Valley Bar, Breakfast Biscuit or Square 5.52-8.98oz.
  • Free Box of Cheerios 12.9oz or smaller.
  • FREE Bag of Doritos, 9.5-11oz.
  • FREE Bag of Lay's Chips, 8-10.25oz.
  • FREE Bag of Meijer Potato Chips, 8.5-10oz.
  • FEEE Nabisco Oreo Cookies, 7.5-15oz.
  • FREE Cheez-It Crackers, 8-12.4oz.
  • FREE Eckrich Sausage links, Smoky Links or 2 piece sausage
  • FREE Oscar Mayer Carving Board, Deli Fresh, Natural, chicken Strips or Wallet Pack Lunchmeat, 5.5-9oz.
  • FREE Oscar Mayer Lunchable (2.3-15.5oz) or P3 (2-2.7oz).
  • FREE Package of blueberries, 6oz or pint.
  • FREE Earthbound Farms/Taylor Farms salads 4oz-13.4oz.
  • FREE True Goodness, 3.5oz-16oz.
  • FREE baby carrots, 1lb.
  • FREE head of lettuce.
  • FREE Kraft American Cheese Singles, 12oz.
  • FREE Kraft Shred Cheese, 7-8oz.
  • FREE Meijer Shred Cheese, 7-8oz.
  • FREE Little Debbie Nutty Bar or Swiss Cake Rolls, 12-13oz.
  • FREE Meijer Split Top Wheat or White Bread, 20oz.
  • FREE Chobani 4pk Greek Yogurts, Chobani Kid's Yogurt, Kid's Pouches or 16-32oz Greek Yogurt Tubs.
  • FREE Meijer Butter Quarters, 16oz.
  • FREE Yoplait 4pk Greek or 8pk Traditional Yogurts, Yopliat GoGurt Kids Yogurt or 32oz Yoplait Yogurt.

As soon as I have any more information I will update this post! Please feel free to share this post, add people to the group's below and I look forward to posting more as soon as I hear about it!

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Patrick Amrine

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Bindi Shah

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