January 26, 2016

Ditch The Binder! Jenn's Coupon Box Takes Couponing To The Next Level

I bought the original Jenn's coupon box, in black, in 2013 and it has made my couponing life so easy! Clipping and putting coupons away is a breeze as I don't have to fold coupons in order to file them away in a binder with limited space! I also don't have to turn pages to figure out which little section to file them away in! 

Let me give you my honest opinion in regards to the new coupon box line, and how easy it is to DITCH THE BINDER and use a Jenn's coupon box!

The 2016 coupon box comes in black, purple and teal, absolutely beautiful colors and very durable.

The original box was 14.5" long by 8.5" wide and still only 6" tall!
The new box is 15" long, 5.5' wide and 6" tall!

As you can see there is a significant different in the width of the box and boy does it make a difference! 

The center is now elasticated and buttoned, this keeps the dividers in place, which in turn keeps the coupons in place. It allows the me to flip through the dividers to find the coupon I want.

There is a mesh pocket on the inside, great for coupon policies, larger coupons like Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons or even written grocery lists!
There is a pocket at the front of the box. I typically put my scissors and pen/pencil there. In the store, when I put items in my cart, I pull out the coupon from the dividers in the main are of the box and then put it in the front, so it makes it so much easier at checkout!!

There is enough room for a catalina coupon to lay straight in the box! NO MORE FOLDING! You can see all the information on the coupon, the date, all there terms and conditions of the coupon! You don't have to fumble around with flipping pages to find the coupon, then taking it out of the plastic sleeve to see all the terms and conditions!

There are 2 side pockets on either side, to hold business cards, credit card, keys, change, etc.

The above picture is taken in a Meijer cart! It fits perfectly and still has room on the seat for more grocery items! If you have a baby in a car seat in the main area of the cart, then you still have plenty of room for groceries around it and also on the main seat right next to the coupon box!
Below is a picture of the box in a Target cart, look at all that room around the coupon box!!!!

The choice of a colorful strap personalizes your coupon box and it also perfect to carry the box over your shoulder. The whole box is strong, sturdy and holds at least a binders worth of coupons.

Why not meet the creator and designer of the Jenn's coupon box - Jennifer Jewett

Also check out Jenn's Website here for more colors of boxes, straps, pins and other item's!


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