June 5, 2014

Awesome deals at Kmart! 24 pk water - only 99¢!! Tide only $1.79!!! 2 liters only 51¢ each!!!!!!


Total OOP $18.59 for all 17 items!!!! Ignore the mess in the picture, I was too excited to clean off the countertop before I took the picture ;)

Ok, I went to the Kmart 3-day sale today (Thurs - Sat in my area) and got the 24 packs of water (on sale $1.99 each), 2 liters of soda (on sale $.88¢ each), and tide laundry detergent (on sale $4.89 each) and boy did I get a surprise!!!!! All the signs in store said limit 4 on the water  and 2 liters and the $2 Tide coupons (from this months p&G insert) are limit 4 per trip too, so I got 4 packs of water and 4 tide detergents at first and got to the car and looked on my receipt because I knew it was less than I expected and it showed  $4 taken off at the bottom for smart sense water and an additional $4.40 taken off for the tide so my OOP including tax for those 8 items was only $12.19!! So, I decided to go back in for 4 more cases of water and I picked up four 2 liters of soda that were on sale for .88¢ each, and a snickers candy bar for my son that was on clearance for .25¢. The $4 came off the water again and then I got a $1.48 taken off for the four 2 liters of soda!!! My total OOP for that was $6.40!!!! That makes the water .99¢ the Tide detergents only $1.79 each and the 2 liters only $.51¢ each!!! I asked the cashier what was going on and she said it was a special running today only. I don't know how accurate that is but if you want these deals RUN to Kmart today and get them!!!! ***UPDATE - Chrissy posted on our facebook page and said she heard this was a glitch and has been fixed at her store at least, so beware because this isn't a sale that is posted anywhere it was just totally random and unexpected when I checked out. Still, these are good deals even without the extra unexpected savings***

Kmart sales are regional, so check your local ad here to make sure these items are on sale before you run out!!

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Jessica is a 31 year old wife and work-at-home mom with four children. Jessica loves to blog about coupons and anything that saves her family money, specializing in saving at Kroger. In her spare time she enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, DIY home projects and spending time with her family.                                                                            

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Anonymous said...

tried it at my kmart and did not work the reason it worked for you is it was ringing up sale price..... i'm sure it was a glitch this morning mine came to $20 :(

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info, I have updated the post to show that it may not work now. Still great deals though! ~Jessica

Aplepy said...

Yep just went too. And it didn't work for me. Paid $20+ for mine. Bummer!!

Anonymous said...

I went to the KC, KS, store. It rang up at $1.99 for the water. When I got home, I noticed a $2 credit in my 2 packs of water--making it $.99 for a 24 pack!


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