September 16, 2013

Get a Head Start on X-mas With $93 in Fisher-Price Coupons (and Walmart Matchups)!

Here's your chance to get a head start on toy shopping with a whopping $93 in Fisher-Price printable coupons!  I took a stroll around the Walmart toy department this evening to scout the prices of these toys. Check them out!

Fisher-Price Corn Popper  $13.97
$5.00 off Brilliant Basics™ Corn Popper
Makes them $8.97 each!  (Save 36%)

Fisher-Price Giggle Gang   $12.97
$3.00 off any Giggle Gang purchase
Makes them $9.97each!  (Save 23%)

 Fisher-Price Imaginext Rescue City Center  $44.97
 $5.00 off Imaginext Rescue City Center
 Makes them $39.97 each!  (Save 11%)

 Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus  $34.97
 $5.00 off Imaginext Mega Apatosaurus
Makes them $29.97 each!  (Save 14%)

 Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave  $34.97
 $5.00 off Imaginext DC Super Friends™ Batcave
 Makes them $29.97 each!  (Save 14%)

Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home  $34.88
$5.00 off Little People Happy Sounds Home
Makes them $29.88 each!  (Save 14%)

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm  $34.88
$5.00 off Little People Animal Sounds Farm
Makes them $29.88 each!  (Save 14%)

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Palace  $39.97
$5.00 off Little People Disney Princess Palace
Makes them $34.97 each!  (Save 13%)

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin' Storytime Puppy  $34.88
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn™ Singin' Storytime Puppy
Makes them $29.88 each!  (Save 14%)

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table  $34.88
$10.00 off Laugh and Learn™ Puppy and Pals Table
Makes them $24.88 each!  (Save 29%)

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car  $49.88
$10.00 off Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car
Makes them $39.88 each!  (Save 20%)

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop  $19.97
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn™ Smart Screen Laptop
Makes them $14.97 each!  (Save 25%)

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy  $44.88
$10.00 off Laugh & Learn™ Stride-to-Ride Puppy
Makes them $34.88 each!  (Save 22%)

Fisher-Price Rockin' Tunes Giraffe  $39.97
$5.00 off Rockin' Tunes Giraffe
Makes them $34.97 each!  (Save 12.5%)

Here are others that I could not find in my store today:

$5.00 off Discover 'n Grow™ Kick & Play Piano Gym

$5.00 off Laugh & Learn™ Love to Play Puppy or Sis

Patrick is a sales executive, husband, and father of four children; two sons in college, a daughter in grade school, and a 3-year old son.   He is an accomplished couponer and knowledgeable in the loyalty rewards programs at the major drugstore retailers; CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.  Follow Patrick's Weekly Deals and Shopping Trips and visit our Insiders Chat Group to ask questions and master the drugstores for yourself!

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Patrick Amrine

Patrick is a married sales executive and father of four children; a college graduate, one in college, one in grade school and a 5-year old. Besides being c0-owner of A Single Coupon, he also has extensive knowledge on shopping the drugstore chains; CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Bindi Shah

Bindi was born and raised in London England, and moved to the U.S. just over ten years ago, after marrying her American husband in Scotland! She has a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son! Beside's being c0-owner of A Single Coupon, couponing and deal seeking are two of her favorite pastimes and she's an expert in the art of saving money at Meijer, Target and Dollar Tree!