August 24, 2013

Stores Refusing SmartSource Printables

If you haven't already had the misfortune of having your SmartSource Printable coupon refused at Giant Eagle, Kroger or any other store, be ready for some possible issues when redeeming them. As early as Wed. Aug 21st. I was informed at my local Giant Eagle store that they would NOT accept ANY Printable coupons from the SmartSource printing site or any site using the SmartSource print engine. I was really taken aback, and wanted to know more.

I was informed that there has been some coupon fraud using SmartSource printable coupons. It is a sad fact that some people abuse coupons. We here at 
A Single Coupon do NOT in any way promote the use of fraudulent coupons!  Nor do we encourage the misuse of any coupon. 

Under NO circumstance is it OK to photocopy a printable coupon or any coupon for that matter. If you suspect a coupon to be fraudulent do not use it! Report it to the CIC (Coupon Information Center).

Giant Eagle has explained that there have been fake coupons circulating with  a Smart Source logo. This logo is not normally seen on any coupons from their legitimate printing site (see example below).

This Is NOT how the logo appears on Smart Source Printables. They use a Large "S" in watermark form printed sideways in the middle right of coupon.

This is a legitimate Smart Source Coupon 
note the large watermark "S"

Giant Eagle & Kroger have both responded on their Facebook Sites 

Thanks Debbie F. for image

Although the confusion is not completely cleared up, Giant Eagle states it will accept SmartSource Coupons with the Proper LOGO (see coupon image above)

Keep in mind every store does have the right to refuse any coupon for any reason.  If you are faced with an issue, we advise you to speak with a Management.  Remember we all need to do our part to keep couponing legal and fun. If you do have an issue in a store please be polite, and discuss it with a store manager.
We use affiliate links for all the major coupon printing sites, including SmartSource, and they are 100% safe to print from.  For more info on SAFE printable coupons, visit our A Single Coupon Resource Center  or visit the links below.

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Patrick Amrine

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Bindi Shah

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