April 4, 2013

How to Deal with Coupon Burnout!

Ok, so I will be the first to admit I get burned out on coupons all the time! It happens to every couponer at some point so don’t feel bad if it happens to you. Sometimes clipping, sorting, organizing, making lists, driving to all the stores, trying to eye every deal in the store, handling the stresses (sometimes more than others) of checking out, hauling your goodies home and finding a place to store it all can get very tedious! Whew…I just came off a break from couponing and I must say it is refreshing! So here is my advice to anyone suffering from coupon overload:

1. Don’t go after every deal! This is a great piece of advice for any new couponer. You will want to go to every store, use every coupon and get every deal, but doing so will burn you out quickly!!

2. Wait for a really great sale! You will get to the point where you have a good little stockpile and there isn’t anything you really just have to have.  So when a great sale comes you will be all to excited to get out that binder and get couponing again!

3. Take a break! Sometimes couponing get to be too much! Working, doing all your daily chores, taking care of a family and running errands can be a lot and adding on couponing tasks can be too tiring, so just shopping the sales and price matching can save a good bit if you need a little break.

4. Set aside a certain time to clip and file your coupons! I cant tell you how many times I have clipped a few coupons here and there and ended up with a disorganized mess that I didn't want to deal with! Now I try to set aside 20 minutes a day a few times a week to clip, organize, and browse the sale ads. Maybe during your kids’ nap times or when you settle down to watch your favorite T.V. show. I try to clip for a few minutes and then immediately file them in my binder so the clipped pile doesn't get too out of control! There will be weeks that you will fall behind so don’t be too hard on yourself, there is always going to be another deal so missing a few will be ok!



Patrick Amrine

Patrick is a married sales executive and father of four children; a college graduate, one in college, one in grade school and a 5-year old. Besides being c0-owner of A Single Coupon, he also has extensive knowledge on shopping the drugstore chains; CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Bindi Shah

Bindi was born and raised in London England, and moved to the U.S. just over ten years ago, after marrying her American husband in Scotland! She has a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son! Beside's being c0-owner of A Single Coupon, couponing and deal seeking are two of her favorite pastimes and she's an expert in the art of saving money at Meijer, Target and Dollar Tree!