January 6, 2013

Patrick's CVS Trip - 1/6/13


This is likely my best CVS trip ever!  It's not every day that a store essentially pays you almost $30 (after rewards, offers and rebates) to shop!  The funny part is that it would've been even better if our newpapers would've had the Johnson & Johnson insert this morning.  That was a minor problem for me this morning but I think I made the best of the situation.  You'll notice that I started last night (my store switches to the upcoming week's sales at 4 PM on Saturday, which was key for me to use a Simple CVS Q that was expiring yesterday.  If you're doing the Ibotta offers or the mail in rebates, I find it easier to do them immediately, so that you don't miss out.  The J&J rebates have a relatively short window to request your rebate, so don't procrastinate! ;-)


Bought (1) Bayer A1C Blood Glucose Meter $9.99
Received $9.99 ExtraBucks
Bought (4) Simple Cleansing Wipes, 25 Ct.  $4.29
Bought (1) Simple Face Wash, 5 Oz.  $3.89 (This was 50% off!)
Used (1) $4 off $20 Purchase of Facial Products CVS Coupon (Coupon Center)
Used (2) $3/1 Simple Product CVS Coupon (Coupon Center)
Used (5) $2/1 Simple Cleanser, exp. 2/3/13 (RP 01/06/13)
Received $5.00 ExtraBucks

Bought (1) Milky Way, 1.91 Oz.  $0.89
Received $0.75 ExtraBucks (Last week's deal)

Used $5.00 ExtraBucks (Beauty Club Reward from Coupon Center)

OOP: $1.03

RECEIVED: $15.74 ExtraBucks + $1.00 ExtraBuck for scanning my Green Bag Tag

FINAL COST: $15.71 MONEYMAKER!  (1.03 - 15.74 - 1.00)

SAVED: $91.95 (121%)


Bought (1) Neosporin Essentials Trial Pack $12.00
Bought (1) Culturelle Probiotic, 30 Ct. $10.00
Received $10.00 ExtraBucks
Bought (1) Soft Scrub Cleanser, 24-25.4 Oz. 2/$4.00
Used (1) $1/1 Soft Scrub Cleanser Printable
Will receive $1.00 Soft Scrub Savingstar Offer

Bought (2) Aveeno Calming Lotion, 7 Oz.  $2.12 (These were 75% OFF!)
Used (1) $3/2 Aveeno Products Printable (NLA)
Received $6.00 ExtraBucks

Bought (4) Good'n Natural Bar, 2 Oz. $0.99
Used (4) FREE Good'N Natural Bars, exp. 2/17/13 (RP 01/06/13)

Bought (1) Nivea Shave Gel, 7 Oz.  $3.99
Received $5.00 ExtraBucks

Bought (1) Listerine PocketPaks, 72 Ct.  $1.99
Will receive $1.25 Listerine PocketPaks Ibotta Offer

Bought (4) Finish Powerball, 20 Ct.  2/$8.00
Bought (3) Coca-Cola, 12 Pk.  3/$10.00
Bought (1) Vitamin Water, 6 Pk.  $3.99
Used (4) $2.15/1 Finish Quantum, Powerball or Gelpacs, exp. 2/9/13 (SS 01/06/13)*
Used (3) FREE 12 Pk. Coke Product (My Coke Rewards) took $4.99 off each!
Received $10.00 CVS Cash Card + will receive $0.75 Vitamin Water Ibotta Offer

*  These coupons state a limit of two per visit, however, after asking my cashier, he allowed all four in a single transaction.  If your store sticks to the coupon limit, you can split them into two transactions, just make sure that they are ringing correctly and tracking on your receipt.  The Finish wasn't ringing up at the sale price this morning and therefore, it wasn't tracking for the Cash Card.  My cashier fixed it without a problem! :-)
Used $5.00 ExtraBucks (Quarterly ExtraBucks from Coupon Center)
REDEEMED: $23.74 ExtraBucks ($16.74 from Trans. #1 plus $7.00 from last week)
OOP: $9.39

RECEIVED: $21.00 ExtraBucks + $10.00 CVS Cash Card & will receive $12.00 MIR + 3.25 Ibotta Offers + 1.00 Savingstar Offer
FINAL COST: $14.12 MONEYMAKER! (9.39 + 23.74 - 21.00 - 10.00 - 12.00 - 3.25 - 1.00)
SAVED: $136.43 (112%)

Patrick is a sales executive, husband, and father of four children; a son in college, a son in high school, a daughter in grade school, and a 3-year old son. Besides being the primary owner and contributor to A Single Coupon, he also helps oversee a 3,000+ member Facebook group called Coupon Coach, where savings opportunities and couponing techniques are shared between couponers of all experience levels.




Patrick Amrine

Patrick is a married sales executive and father of four children; a college graduate, one in college, one in grade school and a 5-year old. Besides being c0-owner of A Single Coupon, he also has extensive knowledge on shopping the drugstore chains; CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Bindi Shah

Bindi was born and raised in London England, and moved to the U.S. just over ten years ago, after marrying her American husband in Scotland! She has a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son! Beside's being c0-owner of A Single Coupon, couponing and deal seeking are two of her favorite pastimes and she's an expert in the art of saving money at Meijer, Target and Dollar Tree!